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Unfrugal - Cost of DYI Screen Repair Kits

Two weeks ago my galaxy note screen cracked. Thinking I could save money I tried to repair my screen myself but it back-fired big time!
Check out the video below on some of the things I've learned from trying to fix it myself


Book Review: Millionaire Next Door

I just finished a very interesting book (some of you may have heard of it) its called Millionaire Next Door.  A very insightful look into how millionaires behave , what made them , and what leads to their demis. You can check out some other reviews on From a frugalnaire pespective here some important hightlights

Websites That Pay You

The average person spends about 40 hours a month online each month that they will never get back. Why not take advantage of the time by making a few extra green backs using some of the sites listed below:

Compulsive Stock Trader Warning Signs

Summary : Sure we've all heard of wallstreet corruption and ponzi-scheme dijour. But often the villian (unknowningly) is the individual trader, theirself.

5 Things to Fight Hidden Cost (#Part 1)

Summary: We often get emails asking for more insight on how to improve their finances. And quit frankly that begins with good discipline. Here are some things you can to protect your self from a few hidden cost.


Cool Apps to Manage Your Finance

Background: Managing your finances has never been easier. Today we'll take a quick look at some of the high-level applications to manage your finances.


Stock Investing with Practice Accounts

There are a lot of benefits in creating a demo account for investing.

Buying Gift-card's up-to 35% off face value

Background: I recently heard about a great

Cheap gift ideas for your significant other

Sharing gifts for our loved once doesnt always have to come with price tag ($).
Here a couple of tips below to show that special someone you care without breaking spending a dollar.


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